Darby 2.0 Belt


"Something to hold them up while you hold it down."

*Our Natural Darby belt gave us a chance to honor the spirit of handmade goods by allowing us to highlight bits of character with unique markings and textures. For those of you searching for a more personal and vintage look in a realm where machined perfection has taken away handmade charm, look no further, this is your belt.

This is our "standard" belt taking cues from the utilitarian as well as the hustler while raising the bar on the idea of what is standard. Not only is this belt made to last as long as you do, the natural leather will acquire very specific characteristics over time. Telling a story about who you are and where you've been in the most stylish manner. All of our leather goods are meticulously handmade by our leather craftsman Erik Adrian right here in Los Angeles. Making each piece unique with slight variances in character assuring each person that their item is, in fact, the only one of its kind.